Isolate IT! is the worlds largest distributor of Sorbothane products. With our unique relationship with Sorbothane we are able to design custom products.

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Innovating Shock & Vibration Solutions

For over 30 years Sorbothane, Inc. has been – and will continue to be - the innovative and trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing materials and components that isolate vibration, attenuate shock and damp unwanted noise.

Since its beginning, Sorbothane, Inc. has been committed to producing superior American made products – that protect and improve the quality and enjoyment of life.

Sorbothane, Inc. is located in Kent, Ohio and operates 10 specialized pouring machines. With 64,000 square feet of manufacturing space and supply support systems in place – the Sorbothane team stands ready to meet any production need. Sorbothane, Inc. has an engineering design staff that specializes in shock and vibration solutions plus an in-house testing and quality assurance lab.

Shape Factor Calculations

Shape Factor (SF) = Loaded Area / Unloaded Area

Rectangular Prism (SF) = (Length x Width) / (2 x Thickness x (Length + Width))

Square Prism (SF) = Length / 4 x Thickness

Disk (SF) = Diameter / 4 x Thickness

Ring (SF) = (Outside Diameter / 4 x Thickness) - (Inside Diameter / 4 x Thickness)

Spherical Cap (SF) = (2 x Radius - Thickness) / (2 x Radius)

Shape Factor Calculations

Compressive Modulus = Cs / (Assumed Percent Deflection / 100)

Corrected Compressive Modulus = (Compressive Modulus) x [1 + 2 x SF²]

Shelf Life

Sorbothane Shelf Life Information

Sorbothane vs. Foam