Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Reinforced Heavy Duty Square Pad 1-4" Thick

IsolateitSKU: 0510425-30-4

Duro - Durometer (30=Softest 70 =Firmest): 30
Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
Sale price$49.95


Each of these Sorbothane vibration isolator pads can effectively isolate an object weighing between 200lbs to 1,200lbs depending on the Durometer (Shore OO). Load ratings are calculated assuming even weight distribution across the entire pad. These pads can be cut to size, the weight load rating of the smaller pieces will be roughly proportional to the surface area of the new pad in relation to the original surface area of the 2.5"x2.5" pad. They feature a fabric top and bottom layer, which adds to the durability and remove some of the tacky quality of raw Sorbothane. Durometer refers to the softness of the Sorbothane material. Softer Durometers have lower weight load ratings. See specific weight load information for the product. There is not a listed load rating on the larger 6x6" pad because most applications do not evenly and load and compress pads of this size. These larger pads are best used when the isolator pad needs to be frequently relocated such as when working with equipment in the field or in temporary installations.


Recommended Load Per Pad at 30 Duro: 200lbs to 300lbs (Part number 0510425-30-10)

Recommended Load Per Pad at 50 Duro: 300lbs to 600lbs (Part number 0510425-50-10)

Recommended Load Per Pad at 70 Duro: 600lbs to 1,200lbs (Part number 0510425-70-10)

Isolation Pad with Fabric Top and Bottom
Part Number Length Width Thickness Duro / Durometer Load Rating
0510425-30-10 2.5” 2.5” 0.25” 30 200-300lbs
0510425-50-10 2.5” 2.5” 0.25” 50 300-600lbs
0510425-70-10 2.5” 2.5” 0.25” 70 600-1200lbs

0510660-50-10 is a 6x6" 50 Durometer version of this pad and is sold in packs of 2 pads.

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