Sorbothane Male-Male Vibration Stud Mount - 4 Pack

IsolateitSKU: 0510310-50-4

Thickness: 0.50" -- 1/2" -- 1.27cm -- 12.7mm
Duro - Durometer (30=Softest 70 =Firmest): 50
Thread: #8-32
Sale price$45.95


These are “Male-Male” mounts meaning both sides have a threaded stud that extends from the bumper.

These ultra-high quality anti-vibration mounts are designed to provide the best vibration reduction possible. Each mount is comprised of high-quality fasteners and industry-leading Sorbothane visco-elastic polymer. The unique vibration damping properties allow it to behave like a fluid but retain its shape for millions of cycles, far exceeding the limits of other materials like silicone, rubber, and neoprene. These mounts are designed for compression applications where very low shear force is present. When installing use high-quality thread deforming lock nuts or double jam nuts to ensure that your connections do not vibrate loose. Not recommended for high amplitude vibrations. This product contains plasticizers and may cause discoloration to materials that are in contact with it for extended periods of time. Made in the USA from US materials.
Metal-Sorbothane studs are available in three standard sizes that utilize both UNC and metric threads. Other UNC threads and Metric threads are available by specials orders.

Installation: Simply screw the mount onto the item. Thread lock, lock nuts, jam nuts, or other locking fasteners are recommended to keep the mount from vibrating loose.

This product contains plasticizers and may cause discoloration to wood.
Note on how our part numbers work:

Using part number 0510310-50-10 for the #8-32 thread 0.75" dia Male/Male Vibration Stud Mount as an example, the first part, 0510310, corresponds to the product and differs based on the measurements and product type. The middle part, 50, refers to the durometer. The end, 10, is used by our manufacturer and means that the product's color is black. All IsolateIT products are black, so IsolateIT part numbers do not end in 10. Instead, the end of the part number refers to the quantity, such as 4 for a 4-pack.
Part Number Style Thread Diameter Thickness Shank Length Duro / Durometer Load Rating # of unit per pack
0510310-50-10 M-M #8-32 0.75” 0.50” 0.47” 50 4-8lbs 4
0510310-70-10 M-M #8-32 0.75” 0.50” 0.47” 70 8-12lbs 4
0510330-50-10 M-M 1/4-20 1.50” 1.00” 0.50” 50 11-16lbs 4
0510330-70-10 M-M 1/4-20 1.50” 1.00” 0.50” 70 19-27lbs 4
0510350-50-10 M-M 1/4-20 1.75” 0.85” 0.50” 50 20-40lbs 4
0510350-70-10 M-M 1/4-20 1.75” 0.85” 0.50” 70 35-75lbs 4
0510410-50-10 M-M M4 19mm 12.7mm 12.0mm 50 4-8lbs 4
0510410-70-10 M-M M4 19mm 12.7mm 12.0mm 70 8-12lbs 4
0510430-50-10 M-M M6 38.1mm 25.4mm 12.7mm 50 11-15lbs 4
0510430-70-10 M-M M6 38.1mm 25.4mm 12.7mm 70 18-26lbs 4
0510450-50-10 M-M M6 44.5mm 21.6mm 12.7mm 50 20-40lbs 4
0510450-70-10 M-M M6 44.5mm 21.6mm 12.7mm 70 35-75lbs 4

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