Sorbothane Hard Drive Shock Protection Corner Pad 1-10" Thick 50 Duro - 8 Pack

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These ultra-high performance corner pads were originally developed for use by leading computer and electronics manufacturers. This revolutionary technology is now available for you to retrofit onto any device that you have. They fit both 3.5" (PC) and 2.5" (Laptop) hard drives as well as LCD and LED display screens. Each of these shock and vibration absorbing pads is made of industry-leading Sorbothane urethane rubber which is trusted by NASA, the US Military, and NASCAR.

These pads will not harden or crack over time. Unlike most neoprene and rubber pads they will remain effective for years.

Each pad is made of grey Sorbothane and can support up to 1.5 lbs. It is recommended to use a set of 8 pads to isolate one hard drive or display.

Dimensions: 0.53" (L) x 0.37" (W) x 0.37" (H) - Wall thickness 0.10"

Load Rating: Up to 1.5 lbs per corner pad

Made in the USA

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