Premium anti-Vibration and vibration damping hemispheres. We have half-hemispheres that range from 9.5mm to 6.5cm is diameter and a wide range of different durometers and coatings. Half-hemispheres are great at isolating vibration because by the nature of their geometry there is less contact between the object being isolated and the structure its resting on.

For Hemispheres there are 2 basic types "Sorbothane Half-Hemispheres" and regular rubber hemispheres. The regular rubber hemispheres are usually smaller sizes and very cost effective. We recommend the rubber hemispheres in solutions where you are not trying to isolate server vibration. The "Sorbothane Hemispheres" on the other hand are far superior at isolating vibration. "Sorbothane Half-Hemispheres" come in 3 durometers or "Duro" "30 Duro" (the softest), "50 Duro", and "70 Duro" (The most firm). The "Sorbothane Hemispheres" also come with and with out a Urethane (Urethane coating only available in "50 Duro" with custom orders). Raw Sorbothane has a great natural "Stickiness" but be careful because it does contain "Plasticizer" which can stain raw wood. The Urethane coating on the other hand does eliminate the natural "Stickiness" of the Sorbothane but it also offers a protective layer to protect raw wood from being stained by the plasticizer.