Sorbothane Isolate It! anti-vibration mounts, bumpers and leveling mounts were designed in order to provide the best possible vibration reductions. High-quality fasteners and sorbothane visco-elastic polymer is used in order to act like a fluid while retaining its shape for millions of cycles. This makes sorbothane superior over silicone, rubber, and neoprene. They are designed for compression applications with a low shear force and not recommended for high amplitude vibrations. Be sure to use a high-quality thread to ensure connections do not vibrate loose.

  1. Sorbothane Anti-Vibration Leveling Mount - 2 Pack

    Price From: $58.95

    These Sorbothane Anti-Vibration Leveling Mounts provide both leveling and vibration isolation. They are designed to handle a wide range of loads and varying environmental conditions.

    Major benefits of the mounts include their ability to isolate a system from unwanted vibration and resonance by lowering the natural frequency of the system.

    The dual urethane compounds compliment each other to provide a high degree of vibration and shock damping.

    These mounts provide a quick, cost-effective way to dissipate unwanted energy and correct for machine and floor leveling problems.

    This product contains plasticizer and may cause discoloration to wood.

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