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Isolate IT microphone isolators with Sorbothane are the most effective isolation system for lavalier microphones. Contained within the sleek durable microphone pocket is a liner of advanced Sorbothane polymer. Sorbothane absorbs up to 94.7% of vibration and noise energy ensuring optimal sound quality. These professional-grade isolation mounts were designed over the past 2 years with significant feedback and testing from audio recording professionals. Isolate IT isolators improve the quality of your recordings which drastically reduces post-production time and costs. They offer a variety of mounting options and directions to fit everything from shorts to feature productions. The slim contoured design makes them easy to hide in all types of garments and between layers of clothing. They are safe for use on all materials and directly on the skin.

Dimensions: 1" wide x 0.85" tall x 0.42" thick

Installation Instructions: Insert wire, gently flex the isolator open and slide the microphone down into the cavity. Microphones can be flush mounted or left to protrude slightly. Completely reusable secures with your preferred tape or adhesive.

Applications: This isolator has been custom designed to fit Sanken COS-11D microphones but it will also fit other lav mics. The central cavity is approximately 1/4" wide. The Sorbothane rubber liner is slightly tacky and will hold the microphone securely in place within the mount. This isolator reduces mic hits, clothing rustle noise, and other unwanted noises during recording. **Based on the positive feedback from this first version we will be rolling out more versions to accommodate other lavalier microphones in the future. Please feel free to email us at if you would like to recommend the next microphone.**

Made in the USA

Caution: Avoid exposing the isolator to temperatures over 150F.

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