Sorbothane Acoustic and Vibration Thin Film (4 x 6in) - Double Sided 3M Adhesive

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Durometer: 40
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Sheet Stock Size: 4”x6”x0.060"

Color: Black

Durometer: 40 & 50 (tolerance +5)

Type: Sorbothane film with 3M 200MP pressure-sensitive adhesive bonded to both sides. This allows the anti-vibration film to bond two surfaces or be installed as part of a lamination. 

Production Date: 2017 & 2019

Notes: This is old stock. Over time, 40 durometer Sorbothane gradually cures to a slightly firmer durometer than the original specification. These sheets are now +5 durometer firmer than their original specifications but still retain their pliability and vibration-damping properties. 

Sorbothane vibration isolator sheets are versatile anti-vibration materials that can be used as feet, stops, spacers, and protectors in many different applications. The unique Sorbothane urethane is a durable, resilient, polymer that provides outstanding vibration isolation and non-skid properties. Sorbothane isolators help absorb impact and noise and have excellent resistance to aging; they will not harden or crack over time. They feature a smooth, clean, black Sorbothane surface. You can easily cut these sheets to meet the specific needs of your application.

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