Sorbothane Soft-blow Mallet

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Size: 5.5oz
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The Sorbothane Soft-blow Mallet is made from a unique visco-elastic material that can be used on all types of surfaces and assemblies, including metal, glass, wood, plastic, and any assembly requiring conventional non-marring hammers or rubber mallets.

No other mallet is as useful and versatile as the Sorbothane Soft-blow. An absolute must-have in any carpentry, cabinetry, automotive, or metal shop. This mallet makes assembly a breeze with no more dents or damage to your work.
These mallets are trusted by the automotive manufacturing industry and are used for fitting and installing body panels, trim strips, and other fittings. The mallet can apply a significant directed force without damaging clear coats or other surface treatments.

Made in the USA


Part Number Size Head Weight Head Dimensions Handle Length Duro / Durometer
0575496-70-10 Small 5.5 oz. 2.88” x 1.78” x 1.83” 11.00” 70
0575490-70-10 Medium 12 oz. 3.94” x 2.50” x 2.25” 12.75” 70
0575485-70-10 Large 20 oz. 4.35” x 2.75” x 2.73” 13.00” 70

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