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Soft Clear 1/2"(12.7mm)Diax0.20"(5.1mm)H Round Sound Deadening Furniture Bumpers

Soft Clear 1/2"(12.7mm)Diax0.20"(5.1mm)H Round Sound Deadening Furniture Bumpers

Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2015):
I don't require a lot from soft clear adhesive thingies so either they are going to get 5 stars because they do their job or they are going to get 1 star because they don't. These do their job. I bought them for a few purposes but all pretty much the same. We've just renovated the downstairs of this house, adding built in cabinets and closets where there were none. Lots of door and lots for them to bang into. I've put one of these dots on each cabinet door making the closing of said doors soft and relatively quiet. This is exactly what I'd hoped when I'd purchased them. I am also about to use them as bumpers so that when doors get opened and have the potential to knock into other things, these little circles of joy will take the blow and paint is less likely to chip off.

I'd read some of the other good reviews here before deciding on this particular size and brand. A couple of people noted that the adhesive is good and I would have to agree. You should know where you want to put these before you commit. Because they are clear they are barely visible which is another plus.

Okay, I am getting a bit too long winded about a silly but uber practical sticky little sound and vibration buffering disk. They work and they work well. To my mind they've earned their five stars

BOTTOM LINE? Need vibration and noise dampening little disks? Need your trivets to have a softer landing on your counters? Need to make sure your house doesn't get marked or scuffed up? These are the disks for you. Buy 'em. You know you want to. And the price is right!