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Soft Clear 1/2"(12.7mm)Diax0.20"(5.1mm)H Round Sound Deadening Furniture Bumpers

Soft Clear 1/2"(12.7mm)Diax0.20"(5.1mm)H Round Sound Deadening Furniture Bumpers

Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2015):
These little bumpers or as we called them back in the day, tits, are amazing! When you read the instructions which is more a warning to make sure the bumper is placed where you want it before applying pressure is indeed something to adhere to, no pun intended. Being the geek that I am I had to give that a try by placing it in the wrong place to see just how well it sticks or does not stick. It sticks, and I mean it STICKS! You can remove it if you do miss that sweet spot or depending on what you are using it for no longer need it.

I bought a package of these to place on the chrome legs of a glass tier system I am building for my music and photo studios. Given all my very expensive equipment from high end Mac's and PC's to my actual recording and photo equipment was going to be stacked on top of these shelves I wanted to make sure there was no sliding of any type accidental or on purpose.

I was amazed at the staying power these little bumpers have. Prior to putting them on the bottom of each leg the slightest movement caused the entire stacked shelves would slide off the tier below and trickle down to the base which would slide off the table. I always lived by the rule to make sure you always have duct tape, 3 in 1 oil, a flash light, philips and flat head screw driver and you can fix anything. I have since added these little bumpers to that list. They stick to every surface I have tried with ease and they do not fall off nor do they move from where you place them. If you place them on a leg even one that has a lot of weight bearing on the surface then grab the leg and pull it, first and foremost it does not move, if you give it some elbow grease and really yank it then it will move the entire object. However if you look at the legs after dragging it with force the bumpers remained in the place you put them, they did not slide or peal off.

I ordered some large packages of these since and have found many uses for them. You know how annoying it can be for a light weight usb hub to stay in one place, the slightest movement can cause it to fall of the surface but if you put one of these bumpers on each corner of the hub it stays in place. I put them on my post it plastic holder and now when I grab for a post it note I get the paper and not the entire cube. There are so many uses for these and they work, they stick very well to the surface to place them on as well as keep the object from sliding around at will. You do need to be aware of the size, weight, load, etc and buy the correct size for whatever your project is but this one is great for around the house and the office. They also are great for that kitchen table that isn't quite level no matter what you do, just place one on the side that is off the floor making it uneven and BAM no more wobbly table.

I highly recommend these bumpers and your imagination is the only limitation for finding good uses for these little magic helpers. If you hate the sound of a kitchen cabinet slamming, these will fix that too and buffer the sound as well as keep it from marring cabinet from the force of slamming a cabinet door.