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Anti-Walk Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Anti-Walk Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Product Review (submitted on September 17, 2015):
Great product! Quick breakdown of my experience:
At first I was skeptical of trying the Silent Feet with a $50 price tag. Also, a small but decent percent of reviews stating no effect and a the few who claim it made it worse, left me to hold off on buying them.

But I needed to coral the cage match my washer/dry seem to throw during every load. Just before deciding to try them I ended up moving the washer for maintenance and noticed that only 1 of 4 feet were installed (bought our combo washer/dry used). Well, that explained the UFC matches and couldn't run it like that any longer without possible damage. So, I finally ordered the silent feet and 4 aftermarket feet with pads together. Figured I could return them with Amazon's very liberal return policy if they did not workout.

Once installed the difference was incredible! Near zero noise, shacking, vibration, and NO "walking". I wanted to write a review of my results but could not be sure how much of the performance was due to the silent feet and to just being on feet and level like is required.

Just so happened the washer needed to be moved again for the maintenance crew and was moved back a few days later in a rush without the silent feet on to save time and get a needed load in. The washer still is far better then originally however not good during spin dry cycles, especially when accelerating to the selected speed. It will still rattle and shake anything left on it for a few loads to the floor and make substantial noise in the process. It is only bad for a few seconds until the machine reaches speed but the noise/vibration is still very noticeable. While setting up the unit correctly made a intolerable level of movement, vibration, and noise much more manageable I still must hold it down in certain parts of the cycle to avoid upsetting our neighbors below and around us . I have done both set ups with several loads of various size and composition and the silent feet definitely make a big difference for us. I would be very hesitant to run a load unattended without generating valid complaints. Not any concern when the silent feet are on! I highly recommend trying these if you're experiencing such symptoms.

My only issue is that installion alone is difficult (manufacture clearly states using two people to get them on) but it seems if they had a attachment point, one man installation would be far easier. Just tip on the front, hook upto washers feet and roll it back where it was. I was able to do it without help but it required some elbow grease and patience. About 90min for installing/leveling the feet (majority of the time as the threaded points needed to be bent true), moving back to the correct room and placing silent feet under them.

Quick notes of my "wisdom" for those of you like me, not going to wait for a second hand. A dolly to move the washer, a flashlight and pole to position silent feet where they need to be will greatly speed up and simplify the job. Note our machine is a smaller portable unit (still very heavy and pretty big) but I also had to work in a small space between the wall and bath tub.