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Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
We installed a front loading washing machine on the second floor of out home. Evry time it went into the spin cycle the machine would vibrate like crazy, transferrng the vibration to thejoist the then to the rooms below. It was terrible. Really bad. The machine was balanced, so that was not the problem. I read the reiews of this product and decided to try them. WOW!! They really work well. I would say theyeliminated aout 90% of the vibraion. I mean you still feel some vibration, but no where near what it was.

FYI: I used 2-sided tape to install the back feet: Having put the 2 sided tape on each pad, I then tipped the washer forward, and then my son crawled in behind and placed each pad on the washer's leg post, and I then lowered the machine in place. Wprked ike a charm.

Bottom line: worth every penny!!

By tim on January 8, 2013