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Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
We inherited some fancy-looking but awful LG front-loading machines when we purchased our house. The washing machine in particular would vibrate violently, walk itself across the laundry room floor and crash itself into the dryer on one side and the slop sink on the other side (all of which have battle scars). We put the washing machine on the lowest possible setting for the spin cycle, but it still sounded like it was about to tear the house down.

Enter the Silent Feet. Easy to install, and our problem washing machine is probably 75% better -- not perfect. It is bearable now. We still have to leave it on the lowest possible setting for spin cycle, but with the Silent Feet, it has stopped traveling around the laundry room and damaging everything that it comes into contact with. Every once in while, we noticed that the machine had migrated ever so slightly (half an inch maybe), and it was very easy to push it back into place -- it would then stay put for another month or two.

The only reason I'm giving this four stars is that the Silent Feet appeared to wear out after slightly over one year of use. We did have to slide the machine in and out quite a few times to vacuum out the dryer vent, clean/repair, etc., so the Silent Feet got a fair amount of use/abuse beyond the normal vibration of the washing machine. Recently, we were unable to properly slide the washing machine back into place. The Silent Feet in the back kept slipping off. I realized that the rubber had started to degrade, and the pad was starting to split/peel horizontally. While it's annoying that the Silent Feet didn't last longer, we did really put them to the test this year, and they performed beautifully. I did not hesitate to order another set of Silent Feet as a replacement, and we'll see how long this next set lasts. They work well enough, that I would begrudgingly buy replacements from time to time, as they're still much cheaper than replacing our washing machine (although I can't wait until the day we get rid of that monstrosity).

By TCF on April 10, 2014