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Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Original Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
I recently bought a used front load "super high effeciency" washing-machine and dryer set made by LG. I have an LG dishwasher and have been very impressed with how quiet and well it works.

When I first used the new washing machine, it was reasonably quiet, except for when spinning. It is up on 14 inch tall pedestals, and when the spin cycle started, it jumped all around. Also it was shaking my whole house, making paintings, even in non-adjacent rooms, rattle on the wall.

My wife was afraid of it and refused to even do laundry. I assumed I was going to have to sell it again, probably at a loss, and buy something else. But, first I convinced my wife to let me try a few things, such as these feet.

I orderred these feet, then while waiting, I also put two 30 pound cat litter buckets on the washing machine, this stopped it jumping around, but it still shook the entire house.

Today these feet arrived, they are really well designed. The box has two pair of feet, a "sliding" pair for the back feet, and a "sticky" pair for the front feet. You put the "sliding" pair under the back feet, so you can then adjust the position before installing the front "sticky" pair. The result is your machine can't slide once setup. This alone is handy. Best of all, they actually successfully damp the vibrations so that my wife didn't even hear the washing machine running spin cycle on the "high" speed when sitting down-stairs, directly under it.

Alas, they are not complete miracle workers. If I remove the two 30 pound cat litter buckets, the washing machine starts bouncing up off the feet still, and thus makes lots of noise. BUT, with the extra 60lbs of weight, and these feet, what was once impossibly loud, is now nearly silent, and my house is once again stable, no bouncing paintings or photos.

HIGHLY recommended.

By J. Littrell on January 12, 2009