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Industrial Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

Industrial Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
I was skeptical these expensive little blobs of licorice jello would stay put AND handle the high-speed drying spin of our Bosch front-loading washing machine. But they really did both, immediately, and continue to do so here these many loads later.

Save some money and DON'T listen to your spouse if you are told "it makes sense" to buy two sets so that the dryer sits at the same height. (Ummm, there are many materials that can be fitted and shoved under the dryer to accomplish that, cough-cough.)

Anyway, as others here have mentioned, it's a little tricky to plant the back two feet nearest the wall. Took several tries involving me tipping the washer forward, and my wife then moving each of the feet around so that the washing machine feet would line up. They have to be dead center, or the vibration-dampening potential is reduced. If not centered, the off-center weight of the washer compresses the side of the disc on the floor in an asymmetrical manner. It can be explained mechanically, but just trust me.

These things DO stick where they're put down. Not by adhesive, but by the texture of the material they are made from. But the only way it can stick like that is if the floor is really clean. Allow yourself some time to vacuum, wipe down, and even use some rubbing alcohol to get everything off the surface of the tile (our set is in the mudroom; if you're on a wooden floor just make sure it's a glossy clean surface). Both floor and discs should be dry.

Worth half the money we paid (forget the dryer set) and highly recommended.

By P. Corson