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Industrial Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

Industrial Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
I have a newer energy efficient GE front-load washer and dryer. We bought the pair because of their high ratings by consumer reports. I added the pedestal stands to save our backs but soon discovered that the washer tended to vibrate radically when in the spin mode.

We have porcelain tile in our laundry room that helped to enable the new washer to dance all over the room. Our old top-loader danced too, but nothing like this new unit. I called GE factory service to service the washer. It started to move so much it was bouncing off the dryer and surrounding wall. It sounded like the washer and dryer were fighting a champion round and our laundry room was the ring each time we washed a load. I figured this could not be good for the life span of the expensive appliances. The GE service tec told us that all front loaders moved around and that the pedestals he saw on washers always made it worse. He recommended removing the stands to reduce the movement but commented that our tiled floors were the source of the problem.

Rather than discard the stands or re-tile the laundry room I looked into a alternate solution. The Silent Feet Combo Pac seemed like the most reasonable solution. I was somewhat skeptical that they would work but figured it was worth a shot.

Silent feet worked as promised. The sticky washer pads were difficult to put on and need some muscle power. Get some help if you need some. My petite wife and I were able to manage the task with me doing the heavy lifting while she reached under the washer to place the pads in place. The dryer was somewhat easier as the pads would slide with some heavy pushing. Now our washer is quite and it stays in place. The added height is nice too.

I highly recommend this option if you have noisy our vibrating laundry appliances. They are worth the investment.

By Dwight