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Anti-Walk Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Anti-Walk Silent Feet Washing Machine Pads - Black

Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2016):
My in-laws had several complaints about their recently purchased front-loading washing machine.

1) The new washer is shorter than their previous model so the dryer was taller. The harmony of the room was diminished. It just didn't look right.
2) While in the laundry room, the washer made the house feel like the foundation was shaking.
3) The washing machine could be heard though out the house - especially in the living room, which shares a wall with the laundry room. Basically, the washing machine and TV sit back to back. The extra noise was infuriating my father-in-law.

After many hours of internet research, I purchased a set of Silent Feet based on other Amazon users' recommendations and the fact that NASA uses the same materials that are in Silent Feet to protect equipment on the space shuttle.

I chose the Anti-Walk Silent Feet because my father-in-law really wanted the washer "locked" into place. At first, he was skeptical, but the Silent Feet were very easy to install. We tilted the washer back and forth and placed the Silent Feet under each of the washer's legs. The Silent Feet added enough height to make the washer sit flush with the dryer.

Now you can barely feel the washing machine when it is running. What once seemed very prominent now can be barely felt. And best of all, Jack Bauer can be fully enjoyed without the muffled drone of a washing machine in the back ground.

Silent Feet worked great. My in-laws couldn't be happier.

By Amazon Customer