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1.25" Dia Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumper Non-Skid Feet with Adhesive

1.25" Dia Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumper Non-Skid Feet with Adhesive

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2017):
i have a full DJ setup (2 turntables/mixer) in a flight case. i used to have this on a crappy card table but recently i built a big 'stand' out of 2x6s that 'cradles' the whole flight case. on a whim during the last moments of construction (had extra wood) i build some detachable speaker stands onto the sides.

well this was probably not a great idea. the stands act like lightning rods and at high volumes i get 'warble' during my music. so after trying a bunch of bunk DIY solutions to dampen the sound, i went ballistic and bought these as well as some spikes for the speakers (spikes have not yet arrived).

so i realized early on that there would be no way to apply these to the existing feet on my turntables, as the feet are not flat on the bottom. i tried modifying them to make them flat, but realized it wouldnt work (very well...or maybe not at all).

so i got some phenolic plastic, cut it into rough squares (doesnt matter), then counter sunk an M6 (the threads/diameter on the bottom of my turntables) bolt 35mm long into it and put a nut on the other side. now i had a flat surface to apply the foot to which was bigger than the 1.25" diameter.

just got home about 45 minutes ago - spun the old feet off, put these on. fit perfectly. now for the testing.

i put on engelbert humperdinck 'we made it happen' because i am very attuned to his voice and it cuts through the mix well, and i know the album VERY well. i made sure was outputting a healthy level to my receiver, then started gradually turning up the volume.

i had my eyes closed, i am seated directly between the speakers, pointing at me about 3' from each ear. cant hear any warble! and im beginning to know that i am past the point where i have experienced it before.

so i listened to a couple songs and then skipped to 'love me with all of your heart'. again, gradually turning it louder. now at this point, its probably louder than id ever have a practical use for. all of a sudden, a bottle of record cleaner i had temporarily on top of one of the speakers came crashing down! (bottle was unharmed). moral of the story: that has NEVER happened before, in my diabolical testing, i turned it louder than ever before hunting for audio flaws that were previously occurring at probably 1/2 the volume i was at.

as a final and much simpler tactile test: a hand against the frame work of the apparatus that holds the flight case/turntables definitely allows you to 'feel' the song. a hand/finger(s) against the turntable? nothing, or darn near nothing.

money well spent! i still get bass feedback at high volumes on bass heavy recordings and thats what the spikes are for. so you may want to use both at once (i also considered getting more of these and just using them upside down, with my speakers on them) but these are a key part to any analog setup that you intend to listen to at more than moderate levels.