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Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Circular Pad / Discs

Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Circular Pad / Discs

Product Review (submitted on December 11, 2017):
I have some Powersoundaudio XV15se ported subs that would WALK across my floor during very loud scenes. The things weigh 100 lbs each, but with 600 RMS watts on a 15" sub...I also had read the benefits of isolation of subwoofers from flooring to improve real and/or perceived acoustical response. Sorbothane, although has some drawbacks (can bleed onto surfaces, remove clear coats and such) seemed to be the answer.

At first I bought some sheets and cut to size, but the feet put too much pressure and cracked them. Plus I still needed to isolate the sorbothane from my wood floor with worry of damage. So I need something to spread out the pressure a little and also protect the floor.

So I sandwiched these round pads between two "InvisiHold 2" Round Non Slip 1/4" Thick Furniture Gripper, Floor Protector Pad - Fiber/Rubber (Set of 10)" that I also purchased from Amazon. The subwoofer is isolated and now does not move!

I added a picture as well. It is hard to notice due to the picture exposure, but there is a lamp on top of the sub, as it sort of doubles as a side table. The shade used to rattle, so I cut a few strips to try and put under the lamp base. No more rattles, and it doesn't move! Good stuff.