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  1. Sorbothane Strip 36 (91.4cm) x 2 (5.1cm) - 1 Strip

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    Isolate It! Sorbothane strips are designed to meet the demanding needs of many different applications. Their length makes them an ideal choice for creating vibration and sound isolation barriers in floors, walls and under machinery. These strips can be fitted between walls and studs, under false floors and just about anywhere else that they are needed. Sorbothane is exceptionally flexible and tacky especially in the 30 and 50 Durometer range. These long strips can be cut and used inside of motor housings, speakers, lab equipment, testing fixtures and sensitive electronics to both absorb sound energy and reduce mechanical vibration.

    Isolate It! Sorbothane vibration isolator strips are versatile anti-vibration pads that can be used as feet, stops, spacers and protectors in many different applications. The unique Sorbothane ultra-soft urethane is a durable, resilient, polymer that provides outstanding vibration isolation and non-skid properties. Sorbothane isolators help absorb impact and noise and have excellent resistance to aging; they will not harden or crack over time. Softer Durometers in the 30 - 50 range are best for acoustic and light to medium duty vibration isolation. 70 Durometer is recommended for impact absorbing and heavy duty applications.

    Use the natural tackiness of Sorbothane or apply 3M #80 Spray adhesives to glue the Sorbothane to metal, plastic and other surfaces. This sheet is perfect for cutting to meet the needs of special applications or can be used whole. Can be but using a sharp utility knife or scissor. Apply strip as a whole or use to coat the inside of speakers or equipment housings to provide sound insulation. 1 cm of Sorbothane can isolate up to 40 dB of sound.

    Caution: This product contains plasticizer which may cause minor discoloration to wood, plastic, composite and other materials following prolonged contact.

    Made in the USA

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