Pumps - We Make Them Quieter with Sorbothane

There are several sources of vibration in pumps, including:

  1. Unbalanced rotors: If the pump's rotating parts, such as the impeller, are not balanced properly, it can cause vibration.

  2. Misalignment: Misalignment of the pump shaft and motor shaft can cause vibration.

  3. Bent shaft: If the pump shaft is bent, it can cause vibration.

  4. Resonance: If the pump's natural frequency matches the frequency of the system it is connected to, it can cause resonance and vibration.

  5. Cavitation: Cavitation occurs when the pressure in the pump drops below the vapor pressure of the fluid, causing the formation and collapse of bubbles, which can cause vibration.

  6. Mechanical looseness: If any components in the pump or its mounting are loose, it can cause vibration.

  7. Bearing wear: Wear or damage to the bearings in the pump can cause vibration.

  8. Fluid flow turbulence: If the fluid flow through the pump is not smooth, it can cause vibration.

Sorbothane mounts can make a pump quieter by reducing the transmission of vibration and noise from the pump to its surroundings. Sorbothane is a type of viscoelastic material that has a high damping coefficient, meaning that it can effectively dissipate and absorb vibrations.

When Sorbothane mounts are used to isolate a pump from its surroundings, the mounts absorb the vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted through the pump's base and into the surrounding structure, such as the floor or walls. This reduces the amount of noise and vibration that is radiated by the pump and can make it much quieter.

Sorbothane mounts are particularly effective at reducing low-frequency vibrations, which are often the most problematic in terms of noise and vibration. By reducing these vibrations, Sorbothane mounts can help to make the pump much quieter and more comfortable to operate in a variety of settings.

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