How to easily cut ultra soft Sorbothane rubber

Sorbothane sheets, they come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, with and without adhesive, but their real magic is that you can easily cut them to the exact size for your project. With this one simple trick, you'll quickly realize why Isolate IT Sorbothane Sheets are so popular and versatile.

Sorbothane is sticky, really sticky with the softest versions acting similar to bubble gum. This natural tackiness comes with the territory when you're working with the world's softest polyurethane rubber. Measured on the Shore OO scale, Sorbothane is available in Durometers ranging from 30-70. It's those 30 and 40 Durometer levels that are the softest and stickiest and that means that they can quickly clog and cling to cutting dies and devices. As you get up to the 70 Duro level it gets a bit better, but it can still be a challenge to cut thicker sheets.

Tools needed for cutting Sorbothane rubber

One recommendation used over the years has been to apply talc powder (also known as baby powder) to the Sorbothane. While this works, it can create a less than desirable change in the surface appearance. There is a simpler solution, freeze it!

Sorbothane rubber's optimum performance temperature range is -20 to 160F (-28 to 71C) and as it reaches the lower end of that range it become less tacky and more resistant to deformation. Placing Sorbothane in a common household freezer set to 0 degrees F (-18C) for at least an hour is enough to enable easy cutting.

Use a sturdy metal straight edge and a sharp knife to cut frozen cold Sorbothane

To easily custom cut the cold Sorbothane, I recommend using a sharp precision knife and a straight edge. A sturdy pair of titanium non-stick scissors is another good option for cutting. A utility knife with a brand-new blade will also produce good cutting results. When using a knife, you may find that you multiple passes are needed. This can leave an uneven surface, try not to use this surface as one of the mounting faces in your final application. A good pair of scissors will leave a much cleaner cut even on thicker sheets of Sorbothane.

A sharp pair of titanium non-stick scissors is very good at cutting complex shapes in Sorbothane

Using this tip, you'll be able to easily create your own custom Sorbothane gaskets, rings, pads, strips, acoustic mats, isolators, and more. Share what you're working on in the comments. We're always curious about what you are creating with our Isolate IT Sorbothane.

Cutting Sorbothane strips is best done with sharp non-stick scissors

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