How to Get Rid of Cabinet Slamming: One Easy Fix

Do you ever cringe at the loud sound of a cabinet slamming? It’s extremely irritating every single time you close a cabinet. Does it wake up other people in the house? Does it prevent you from getting a midnight snack?

There is a quick and easy solution to cabinet slamming:

Bumpers. These high quality clear round hemispherical bumpers are designed to provide excellent protection for surfaces. Each low profile pad is 0.700" (17.8mm) wide and 0.380" (9.6mm) tall. These clear bumpers can be applied to cabinets, furniture, electronics, computers, home theater equipment, desktops, etc. Each pad has a strong self-adhesive backing for easy peel-and-stick application.

Isolate It! Manufacturing is a US company creating jobs in Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina. Made in the USA.

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