Sorbothane Sheet Stock - Perfect for Any Impact Absorbing Project

Sorbothane 6x12" and 12x12" sheets are one of my favorite solutions to all types of vibration isolation, impact absorbing, and silencing projects. They are versatile and effective in many different applications. With a full range of thicknesses plus the option of pre-bonded 3M peel-and-stick adhesive, they are easy to cut and install. I've used them for everything from automotive acoustic insulation to custom gaskets for motors and speakers.

For tips on cutting Sorbothane sheet stock, check out my previous post on cutting methods and options

We get questions all the time from people about how to use Sorbothane sheets. They get used in many different applications. Some recent examples are:

  • Cutting custom airsoft gun gaskets and washer to improve action durability and life
  • Anti-slip pads under fragile and sensitive equipment
  • Acoustic insulation inside of speaker boxes to adjust resonance
  • Economic option for cutting into strips and pads for HVAC and mini-split mounts
  • Adding an extra layer of isolation under pumps and compressors
  • Cutting unique shapes to fit inside appliance plastic and metal casings to deaden sound
  • In similar applications to Dynamat damper mats

By cutting and shaping thin Sorbothane sheets and films they can be fit into many different applications. Whether you are shaping them around automotive body panels and cavities or just creating discreet pads that perfectly fit the dimensions of your application, these sheets can do it.

We only use high quality adhesives in our processes. That's why we depend on 3M 200MP backed peel-and-stick pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) as our standard PSA option. This aggressive PSA features a thin polyester film for improved handling and dimensional stability. The adhesive on sheet stock has high-spec temperature and chemical resistance. It creates a strong bond with the right amount of adhesive-to-surface contact and film application pressure. 

When additional thickness is needed but flexibility is still specified, our X-Tra Flex Sorbothane Sheets have you covered. Each sheet features molded hemispherical bumps that allow for the sheet to flex and provide soft deformation under load. The overall thickness is 0.19". 

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