Speaker Decoupling and Isolating Vibrations for Maximum Sound Quality – Isolate It!

Speaker Decoupling and Isolating Vibrations for Maximum Sound Quality – Isolate It

Speakers, turntables, and other objects that produce sound also produce vibrations. In order to produce maximum sound quality, vibrations must be controlled. Controlling vibrations has to do with the interaction between speakers and also the area that they occupy themselves in. These aspects will affect the sound that they produce. Speakers also have an interaction with the floor. Enhancements can me made to alter sound quality. Speak decoupling is a fantastic way of enhancing a speaker’s sound quality to its maximum potential.

The sound that is produced by a speaker comes from a vibrating membrane, as sound waves are experienced. The quality of sound is highly factored in by the membrane’s excursion accuracy, as well as back and forth movement. The key to good sound can be achieved by speaker decoupling which keeps a speaker enclosure from resonating, or in other words sounding. Aluminum and wood are low-resonance materials that are commonly used in the construction of speakers. Speaker enclosures can affect the ability of the membrane. There are a couple ways to stop distorted sounds by speaker decoupling, one of them being minimizing enclosure vibrations so the speaker is not directly lying on the floor. Wooden floors, for example, are usually very loud and it is possible to hear every single movement. This is why the rubber inside of tennis balls are commonly put on chairs and other objects to keep vibrations to themselves. Decoupling your speakers from the floor prevents the transfer of unwanted vibrations. Speaker decoupling products are generally used to prevent the transfer of energy. Available in many styles and fits, professional Isolate It products work extremely well for reducing the amount of vibrations that come from a speaker.

Not sure which size to get? See the link below for the speaker decoupling chart. 

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