What is Sorbothane and How Does it Help With Vibrations?

If you’re someone who owns a computer or designs computers, you will likely experience vibrations. If you own a computer, excessive vibrations can be distracting and cause your computer to quickly fall apart. The best way to stop these vibrations is by absorbing and controlling the vibrations. Luckily, Sorbothane does exactly this! Sorbothane is a visco-elastic vibration that literally absorbs and controls vibrations. Dulling noises and protection of expensive equipment will take place in order to keep the vibrations fro harming the machine.

Sorbothane is a great option for engineers because vibrations will take place when building a new computer or rebuilding an older one. Sorbothane can be used as a small pad that keeps vibrations from transferring to other computer parts. They are used in many applications such as machinery and engines.

This versatile yet necessary product s a simple fix for annoying, loud, and harmful vibrations. Isolate the issue with Isolate It. Shop our wide array of high-quality products.


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