U-Turn Audio's New Orbit Theory Turntable with Sorbothane

Less vibration. More clarity.

U-Turn audio summed up what we do in those 4 words. For 15 years now, Isolate IT Mfg has been adapting and improving Sorbothane polyurethane rubber for all types of anti-vibration applications. The world of audio quality has long been a top user of our innovative polymers.

Our Sorbothane isolator pads and mats are the gold standard for vibration isolation. In turntables they prevent vibrations reaching the stylus and ensure that you hear the full quality of your music without any unwanted noise. We have been refining our manufacturing and design to produce high quality Sorbothane pads for custom and DIY applications that provide outstanding sound clarity. 

We make our Isolate IT Sorbothane isolation pads available in small package quantities so that audiophiles and DIYers can easily and affordably upgrade their existing equipment. We also work directly with audio equipment manufacturers to provide them with custom solutions like what U-Turn Audio has incorporated directly in to the aluminum feet on their Orbit Theory turntable.

If you want to upgrade your existing turntable, our Sorbothane Urethane Coated Hemispheres or disc pads are both easy ways for your to reduce vibration and improve audio clarity. Add an extra level of isolation by upgrading your slipmat to our Sorbothane Turntable Mat, it provides excellent grip reducing slip, evens out imperfections, absorbs vibration, and can even hold a slightly warped record flat!

Experience the Sorbothane audio quality difference today!

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